Consume the darkness, return it to light.

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Mun vs. Muse


Between the mun and the muse, which one:

1: is more stubborn
2: is more practical
3: has the shorter temper
4: has the wittier tongue
5: gets more romantic attention
6: gets into more fights
7: is more hygienic
8: is more friendly
9: is taller
10: weighs more
11: is the better singer
12: is the better dancer
13: is more rebellious
14: has more self-confidence
15: is the bigger liar

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The really sad part about Birth By Sleep is that each of them thinks that their sacrifice saved their friends.


If you don’t have room for Salem the Cat on your blog I don’t want to know you… 

We need help. Please?


Ok, so I never thought that I would have to ask you for this and I am highly embarrassed being forced to go this step now. But as it is, my dad has had a lung cancer surgery and now gets a chemo therapy, which is important so the cancer does not return and hit him twice as hard as before.

Our health insurance refuses to pay this though they should, but now we sit here and do not know how to pay this. Seriously, I am desperate and urgently need the money. It is around 300$ (around 230€) and I don’t know where to get this from so quickly. I hope, really really hope, that someone can donate a bit!

Even if not all of this but else I don’t know what to do and—-

My paypal mail is mausersandra@googlemail.com

Please help us! And if you can not donate, would you please spread that?

Thank you~


when your partner hasn’t replied to a thread in a while and you were having a lot of feels about it, so now every once in a while you remember it like:


M!A List!

  • Love potion:My muse falls in love with the next person in their ask box until _____
  • God!:Muse is the god of _____ and ______ (and is optional)
  • Animal:Muse is an animal (Anons choice) until ______
  • Imprisoned:Muse is in jail until _____
  • Monarch:Muse thinks they are a king/queen (Anon decides which one. That's the twist!) until _____
  • Body swap!:Muse swaps bodies with _____ (Anon decides who, but the muns of both blogs must agree!)
  • Bully:Muse is a jerk to everyone around them until ______
  • Fat:Muse becomes obsessed with food and won't stop eating until _____
  • Gender Bender:Muse becomes opposite gender and thinks they've been that way their whole life until ______
  • Voice swap:Muse swaps voices with _____ (Anon decides who muns must agree.) until _____
  • Dwarf:Muse shrinks to One foot tall! They regrow ______
  • Insane:Muse hears voices in their head until ____ each day the voices grow more and more intense.
  • Invisible:Muse becomes invisible! They become visible in _____
  • Super powers:Muse has the power of _____ until (Anon decides both)
  • Fantasy:Muse lives in their own fantasy world! They come back to reality in _____
  • Feel free to add more!